Minas Kamel



Highly qualified and passionate software engineer. 9+ years of experience in writing code, starting projects from scratch, managing teams and analyzing customers’ requirements. Worked on several enterprise systems and different business domains.

Seeking a position where I can utilize my passion in software engineering to build systems that are well architected, meet customers’ satisfaction and updated to latest technologies.


  • Writing clean and well tested code. (using Test Driven Development).
  • Experienced in analyzing customers’ requirements and transforming them into development tasks.
  • Experienced in all phases of the development life cycle and managing teams from projects startup till launch.
  • Experienced in Agile Development Methodologies and Continuous Delivery.
  • Give high-level care to software quality and UI/UX requirements.
  • Excellent communicator, both written and verbal.
  • Able to work on a tight schedule and under pressure.
  • Talented in presentation skills and giving talks to groups.
  • iOS: Swift, Objective-C, Xcode, CoreData, CocoaPods, Carthage.
  • Java, Eclipse, JUnit, Spring, Tomcat, Hibernate, Apache, Maven, HTML, JS, JSP, GWT, CSS, Oracle, MySQL, Linux, Bash.
  • Tools: Git, Github, Bitbucket, SVN, Jira, Jenkins.


 Independent iOS Engineer (Oct 2016 – current)

  • Sharpening my iOS development skills by continuous learning and building my own apps.
  • Doing some freelancing projects.


Senior iOS Engineer & Team Leader at nWeave LLC, Egypt (Feb 2015 – Sep 2016)

Key responsibilities:

  • Manage teams to develop native iOS apps (Objective-C, Swift).
  • Manage app life cycle from a simple idea, QA and till submission to App Store.
  • Analyze customers’ requirements and estimate needed effort.
  • Starting apps from scratch. Design and architect all app’s modules.
  • Decide technologies and frameworks (iOS or 3rd party) to be used.
  • Participate and modify app’s UI/UX to be more user friendly.


  • Lead all iOS development projects.
  • Be expert in detecting what might reject an app in the review process.
  • Took the initiate to learn Swift and developed the first Swift app in the company.
  • Decreased effort needed to build apps by building apps/code templates to be reused in new apps.
  • Decreased Zenfie (https://appsto.re/au/C1h40.i) startup time from 1 min to 5 sec, by reducing startup API calls to be only one call.
  • Designed AHH (https://appsto.re/au/INKd_.i) sync module to sync all data in 3 sec.


Senior Java Engineer & Scrum Master at novomind LLC, Egypt (Aug 2014 – Jan 2015)                                         

My responsibilities were the same as my earlier position in POET. The biggest achievement was being invited by novomind to join their new startup and continue leading the iSHOP Backoffice team.


Senior Java Engineer & Scrum Master at POET LLC, Egypt (Mar 2008 – Jul 2014)

Key responsibilities:

  • Handle all project management tasks, such as: requirements identification and analysis, effort estimate, project planning, configuration and team management.
  • Handle all the communication with customer in Germany. Travel quarterly onsite.
  • Lead and support team members in technical issues. Do peer-code reviews.
  • Design, implement systems and responsible for project QA.


  • Led iSHOP Backoffice team for more than 4 years and met customer’s satisfaction.
  • Decreased time of features development due to well designed system.
  • Kept bug fixing time effort below 10% of features development time.
  • Kept unit test coverage above 95%


Mobile Software Engineer at Unilever, Egypt (Sep 2006 – Feb 2007)

Worked as a junior Visual C++ .NET software engineer. Participated in new Unilever Mobile Sales Force project on Windows Phone which is successfully launched in Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia.


Alexandria University, Egypt

Faculty of Engineering

B.S. in Computer Science, 2006



Playing piano, reading and writing.


References available upon request.