AHH (download here) is the official iOS app for Arkansas Heart Hospital (USA). I was honored to be fully recharge of the development of the iOS app from scratch.

App Features

The app is the link between patients and the Arkansas Heart Hospital. Through the app, users can do the following:

  • Request Rx Refill: Request prescription refills.
  • Find A Doctor: Search and filter by location to find a doctor near them.
  • Find A Location: Browse AHH many clinic locations.
  • Make An Appointment: Schedule appointments based upon preferred date and time.
  • Symptom Checker: Input symptoms to see a list of possible conditions.
  • Keep The Beat: View info about a screening and educational program provided by Arkansas Heart Hospital.
  • Entertainment: Stream new release movies while at one of AHH locations.

Technical Details

  • App is implemented in Objective-C.
  • The backend APIs were designed and implemented by AHH IT team.
  • Upon app startup, it syncs its data with AHH servers, to get all info about doctors, clinics locations.. etc.
  • A disease symptom checker service (Isabel) is integrated into the app.
  • A movies streaming online service (SWANK) is integrated into the app, and only works when the device is connected to AHH Wireless network.

My role

  • I led a team of 3 iOS Engineers to build the app from scratch.
  • Discuss the requirements with AHH technical representative. Analyze and estimate the required effort.
  • Architect and design the app.
  • Participate in app development, testing.
  • Implement the synchronization module of the app in order to stay updated with AHH servers. Sync process takes 3-4 seconds.
  • Help colleagues in technical challenges, and do code reviews.
  • Responsible for app QA.
  • Submit the app to App Store.
  • Communicate with SWANK support team in order to integrate SWANK movies service into the app.






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