Zenfie (download here) is an iOS app for meditation. It’s the first competitor to the most famous meditation app Headspace.

App Features

  • Listen to meditation audio sessions.
  • The app has two In-app purchase models. User can subscribe monthly/annually to access all sessions, or he can buy specific sessions.
  • Sessions can be downloaded in order to be listened to offline.
  • App supports 3 languages (English, French, Spanish).
  • App shows statistics for user’s progress in meditation.
  • App reminds the user everyday about his meditation time.
  • User can set reminders to specific meditation sessions to listen to them daily/weekly/monthly.
  • The app has “Offline” mode. When it’s switched on, all internet activities are stopped, and the user can only listen to downloaded sessions.
  • App send push notification to users for special offers, reminders.. etc.

Technical Details

  • App is implemented in Objective-C.
  • Upon app startup, it sync its data with Zenfie server, to get all info.
  • App uses AFNetworking to handle all network layer.
  • App uses Push Notification service Accengage.
  • App uses Analytics service AppsFlyer

My role

  • I was not responsible for the initial version of the app. Later on, I joined the development team and become fully in charge on the app.
  • Upon leading the team, I refactored most the app. Rewrote the whole network layer using AFNetworking framework. Refactored all started API calls to minimize the app startup time to 4 seconds (originally 1 min).
  • Discuss the requirements with customer. Analyze and estimate the required effort.
  • Participate in app development, testing.
  • Help colleagues in technical challenges, and do code reviews.
  • Responsible for app QA.
  • Submit the app to App Store.




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