Music/Video Player (download here) is an iOS music/video player app.

App Features

  • App search for videos in Youtube, and play them within the app.
  • User can login with his/her Dropbox account to download audio/video files and play them within the app.
  • App has links to Youtube playlists with different music styles.
  • Music can be played in background and be managed from iPhone control center.
  • User can create playlists that contains both audio and video songs.
  • The app has a full features music/video player, with controls: Play, Pause, Next, Previous, Replay all, Replay once, Shuffle, Time Seek, Volume Control.
  • App shows Ads, user can hide them upon purchasing the app.
  • App has integration for third party service that shows songs lyrics.

Technical Details

  • App is implemented in Swift.
  • App is using Youtube API to search for videos.
  • Youtube player in integrated into the app.
  • Dropbox is integrated into the app.
  • No third party framework is used for the music player, it’s all build from scratch within the app.

My role

  • I led a team of 3 iOS Engineers to build the app from scratch.
  • Discuss the requirements with customer. Analyze and estimate the required effort.
  • Architect and design the app.
  • Participate in app development, testing.
  • Implement the music player from scratch, including all player functionalities: Shuffle, Replay all, Replay once, Time Seek…. etc.
  • Help colleagues in technical challenges, and do code reviews.
  • Responsible for app QA.
  • Submit the app to App Store.




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