CheckLeast (download here) is an iOS todo/checklists app. I own this app, it’s my first app to be published on my iTunes account.

App Features

CheckLeast is a very simple and quick app to create checklists. It has two unique features that differentiate if from other similar apps on the App Store.

  1. Flexible lists:
    • Lists can contain only items. (no categories)
    • Lists can contain items that are categorized under custom categories that user creates.
    • Lists can contain both uncategorized items, and categorized items at the same time.
  2. One view for all unfinished lists: CheckLeast gives the user the ability to check more than one list at the same time. So, during your shopping, user can check the “Groceries” and “Birthday Party Food” lists at one screen to check their items together.

Technical Details

  • App is implemented in Swift.

My role

  • I developed all the app alone from scratch, and still working on new versions.
  • I set the features by myself.
  • I draw the wireframes of the screens and take all UX/UI decisions.
  • I test the app myself and submit it to the App Store.




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